2 Holiday homes in south west France

A memoir from Molles – Love struck Buttercup and Daisy, off to pastures new

The ebb and flow of live in rural France means sometimes you have to realise that perhaps what may seem like a good idea isn’t always in reality…



image Roger and his girls

You may remember that Roger decided to expand our animal base whilst I was in the UK back in spring 2013, and bought two large Dexter calves, Buttercup and Daisy. During the summer they proceeded to grow gently, develop the start of a fine pair of horns and wonderful winter coats, they grazed quietly and were much admired by local farmers who had rarely seen such tiny cows – the local breed being the won named Blondes d’Aquitaine, and are ‘proper’ sized cows rather than short legged miniatures.

Summer passed and December came bringing with it Buttercup’s first heat. Not having any bulls in the vicinity she promptly fell in love with a chainsaw located across the valley and bellowed to it constantly for the next 24 hours, the fact that it only responded during working hours did not deter her… After that peace returned to Molles…

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